Archbishop’s Garden

A Garden inside a 1000 years old site

Archbishop’s garden

Capiago Intimiano, Italy

2018 - ongoing

Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli
Emanuele Colombo, Paolo Molteni

Original concept sktetch by Carlo Ezechieli
Maquette and renderings
by E. Colombo and P. Molteni 

The project reclaims a currently semi-abandoned plot of land where, almost 1’000 years ago used to stand the orchards, vineyards and castle of Ariberto, Archbishop of Milan. Three “rings” - whose form was suggested both by the topography and by the spatial arrangement of the site - provide both circulation and identification of different “rooms”, each featuring a specific architectural quality. With the aim of “revealing” one thousand years of history, the abstract and pure form of the rings act as a section on the ancient soil, thus making tangible its historical “depth”.

The very first sketch for the park design © Carlo Ezechieli
Inspiration from curved pathways connecting different levels

The use of different materials withdrawn from ancient monuments recurrent in Romanesque Architecture inspired the design of paving.
Detail: Entrance of the Sant'Ambrogio Basilica in Milan.

Maria Lai, untitled, 1989

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