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Alto Seveso

Alto Seveso

 Como, Italy

2016 -ongoing

Landscape Architecture: Carlo Ezechieli


Studio Majone (Hydraulic Engineering)

Iridra (Sustainable Drainage Systems)

Stid (Geology and Hydrogeology)

Patrizia Buzzi (Archeology)

Photo: © CE-A studio

A consortium of private and public stakeholders in the vicinities of Como, Northern Italy, asked for a set of interventions aimed to control the frequent floods of the Seveso river. The project is a green engineering infrastructure mainly based on the making of three overflow basins, each designed both providing flood prevention as well as meaningful architectural spaces, aimed to enhance the qualities of the site. These three “pivots” are interconnected through a broad and complex network of green pathways, planting and secondary landscape interventions, thusforming a proper, comprehensive green infrastructure.

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