CE-A studio + Carlo Ezechieli is an architecture practice based in Milan (Italy) whose major interest is addressed to the relationship between open spaces and buildings. Established in 2007 by Carlo Ezechieli, CE-A studio developed landscape architecture and architecture projects for major governmental institutions, corporations and private clients.

“A real lawn stretches down to the center of the Earth” this quote from the Swiss master Luigi Snozzi gives a gist of the depth the relationship with the site may reach. Our design approach starts from a thorough conceptual work and uses architecture to translate into form and matter the hidden and unfathomably deep relational system involved by the design process. Targeting with a similar approach projects ranging from small-scale open spaces to large masterplans, our aim is to propose a different, and more conscious way of perceiving our surrounding environment.

Carlo Ezechieli. Principal,Graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 1997, soon after graduation, wins a training and research grant at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following the courses of the nearby Harvard Graduate School of Architecture leads him towards the subject of landscape architecture. Back in Italy, gets a Ph.D. in architecture and starts his own activity as an architect. In 2008 was appointed by the City of Milan for the Expo Park masterplan, part of Milan EXPO2015 program. From 2015 Carlo Ezechieli is Scientific Director of the Milan-base IoArch architectural magazine, and he is Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture at Politecnico di Milano.

Staff :

Vlada Peshkov, Valerio Croci, Qian Luo, Lara Puricelli, Vincenzo Demasi, Valentina Galiulo, Alessandro Rapomi, Alessandro Citterio, Luigi Decorato, Ilario Nicolò, Mirko Noris, Andros Atzeni, Andrea Ariazzi, Rocco Latrecchiana, Paolo Segalini, Guido Corbellini, Marianna Guernieri, Alberto Finazzi, Sandra RivasCury, Daniela Baldo, Luca Ruggeri.

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