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DT Headquarters

DT Headquarters

Assago, Italy


Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Mechanical Systems Design: Antonio Somaini
Electrical Systems Design: Paolo Formenti

Photos: © CE-A studio

A wide lofty space, previously an industrial production plant, was the ideal setting for a the new headquarters of a bio-lab research firm. The design converted a dark, scarcely lit environment, into a luminous and open working space.Transparency and light - which enters every space coming both from the front window strip and from the skylights - are the key elements of this low-cost yet effective design. Through natural light the inside becomes totally connected to daily and seasonal cycles rather than to the chaotic and relatively dull post-industrial environment of its immediate surroundings. A connection, which is strengthened by a planter as long as 8 meters, full of medium size plants, along the main window. This project, is a good example of how former industrial spaces could be converted into a working environment which is responsive to today’s needs and qualitative requirements.

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