CE-A studio architecture

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MS house

Casa MS

San Bello, Italy Alps

Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Structural Engineering : Michele Soffietti

Systems Engineering : Giulio Gadola /FORGAD

SoilEngineering : Marco bardelli

Geology : Fabrizio Bigiolli

Photo: ©Marcello Mariana, ©Umberto Pettazzoni, ©CE-A Studio

MS House is located on the edges of a stone buildings ancient neighborhood.  The panorama, of remarkable beauty, spreads downhill and southbound. The trapezoidal plan is the resultof the offsetting of 200 years old boundary stonewalls, which - laying on the maximum steepness line – also reveal the millenary topography of the site.  The architecture is inspired by very ancient monuments belonging to cultures that used to consider sites as soul-giftedentities: an assumption not lacking of ecological wisdom.

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