Wrapped Around Pavilion

Renderings: Valerio Croci

Wrapped Around Pavilion
Morbegno, Italia

Progetto: Carlo Ezechieli

Assistants: Andrei Vassallo
 Renderings: Valerio Croci

This project doesn’t want to solve the problem of global warming, nor to declare itself "sustainable", nor to save the planet. The goal is simply to celebrate the joy of children, making them feel an integral part of the environment around them.
While a pavilion is usually identified as a space with trees around it, in this case are trees with a pavilion around them. In the shape of this small space, where the design of the greenery and that of the pavilion are one, concavity prevails over convexity, literally enveloping those who frequent it.
Entering through narrow corridors, instead of a flat floor, you find yourself immersed in a topography that allows children to play and use the space freely according to their desires.
The pavilion is high enough to be hidden in the vegetation. Only the roof is slightly visible, creating an environment inside that appears like an enchanted world.

Renderings: Valerio Croci

Renderings: Valerio Croci

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Milan EXPO 2015
Expo Park

Masterplan part of Expo 2015
Milan Candidate City Dossier

Milan EXPO2015 / Expo Park


Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Consultants: Alberto Massa Saluzzo (Forestry/Agronomy)

City of Milan:Giancarlo Tancredi (General Supervision); Mariano L. La Rosa; Miranda Bassi (Project Supervision)

Masterplan for the new Expo Park (also called “Via d’acqua”), part of the City of Milan program for EXPO2015. A 800 hectares wide park, more than twice New York City Central Park, is  planned to merge and connect within a large and consistent green system, some of  Milan major parks.While giving a new shape to the urban fringe - a situation which is neither city nor landscape – the project creates a new biologically rich and functionally complex green infrastructure for the City.

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