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Milan EXPO 2015
Expo Park

Masterplan part of Expo 2015
Milan Candidate City Dossier

Milan EXPO2015 / Expo Park


Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Consultants: Alberto Massa Saluzzo (Forestry/Agronomy)

City of Milan:Giancarlo Tancredi (General Supervision); Mariano L. La Rosa; Miranda Bassi (Project Supervision)

Masterplan for the new Expo Park (also called “Via d’acqua”), part of the City of Milan program for EXPO2015. A 800 hectares wide park, more than twice New York City Central Park, is  planned to merge and connect within a large and consistent green system, some of  Milan major parks.While giving a new shape to the urban fringe - a situation which is neither city nor landscape – the project creates a new biologically rich and functionally complex green infrastructure for the City.

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