CE-A studio architecture

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Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Construction Management: ERSAF

Photo: © Carlo Ezechieli

The Prim’Alpe project is addressed to a site formerly used as a parking lot. It emulates the design principles of the “teatri di verzura” of the seventeenth centuries villas, using as backstage curtains high Chamecyparis, planted by the forest authority more than 40 years ago. The materials that make the space are stone and wood almost totally coming directly from the construction site, the wood pathways lead going through the lawn to thematic pathways in the woods. Wooden steps include the space to be used for concerts and events, as well as make sits for the spectators, and at the same time, stretch out towards important landscape presences such as the Corno di Canzo and SassoMalascarpa.

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