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Street / Plaza

International competition 2nd prize

Street / Plaza
 Genova ,Italy


Architectural project: Carlo Ezechieli; Marco Bozzola; Simone Corno; Paolo Pirovano; Riccardo Riva.

Mobility Studies: Systematica Srl

Hydraulic Engineering: MMI Srl

Road Engineering: Ferdinando Zolesi

Systems Engineering: Luigi Pagliai

Consultants: Renzo Rosso(Hydraulic Engineering); The Natural Step Italia (Ecosystemic Design)

The project starts from the will of transforming Via Cornigliano into a new “Longitudinal Center” for the neighborhood, leaving an adequate space to strengthen its already rich commercial structure, while maintaining the requested public transportation systems. Via Cornigliano will become a new “mall” that will not only connect the two sides of the neighborhood facing on it –and currently almost severed by the heavy traffic flow - but also will include the 18th century Villa Bombrini, recently reclaimed as a main reference for the community.

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