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TC house

SC House

Morbegno, Italy

2008 - 2010

Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

Structural engineering: Michele Soffietti
Systems Engineering: Giacomo Bertolini (Studio Bertolini)

  Photo: © Marcello Mariana

TC house is thought as a sequence of closed, massive and stereometrical masses, sliding on each other in order to leave the space for the wholly glass and ethereal of bio-climatic greenhouses, located in the angles of maximum incidence of direct sunlight. This simple and effective principle, allows to fully heat and light the house, with natural light only.The design for this double family house is developed within a narrow and long terrain opened northbound, towards a large private garden and the Rethic Alps. The south façade is almost completely closedto avoid the view and the connection with low quality neighboring buildings.

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