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Volta's Gardens

International Competition 2° Prize

Volta’s garden

Como, Italy


Architectural design: Carlo Ezechieli

HydraulicEngineering/Hystory: Giacomo Galimberti

Geology: Roberto Previati (Soildata)

Although trivialized by the name of “Giardini a Lago” (Gardens near the Lake) this chaotic and mistreated site,is a remarkable testimonial of the history of humankind hosting the Temple named after Alessandro Volta - born in Como, and who in the XVIII Century discovered electricity - till the works of the great Modernist Architect Giuseppe Terragni. The site was formed by the delta of a river, which today is buried and dramatically polluted. Instead of furtherly hiding the pollution problem, the presence of the river is ‘revealed’by the project through a series of ventilation stacks that also function as lighting devices and LED screens. The project works reconnecting the main architectural landmarks of the site, reclaiming the ancient natural elements by which it was

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